Cash Management for Charities & Trusts

CashTier One Capital is delighted to be the first wealth management company that has applied an optimisation process typically reserved for use only within investment portfolios to enhance the returns our clients' Cash Management portfolios can achieve.

This optimisation system, named the Cascade Cash Management Service, approaches Cash Management in a modern and truly independent way. The inspiration for this service came from the knowledge that the returns earned on a clients' Cash Management portfolio is consistently sub-par. Indeed, it is our in-house view that Cash as an asset class is at present under exploited by the vast majority of clients and advisers alike. 


The Cascade Cash Management System offers truly sustainable competitiveness in that it is not tied to any one institution. No provider we use has to pay to be part of our service or for their rates to be shown on a website. Instead, Cascade independently and automatically collates daily the available rates from over 112 providers and over 650 individual accounts. Our unique optimisation then provides an easy and convenient way for clients to quickly extract the best combination of cash accounts from all those available and efficiently optimise the returns from their cash holdings. By constructing a diverse portfolio of cash deposit accounts, chosen specifically in relation to your ideal parameters, our process ensures your portfolio is ideally suited for your needs. Our experienced account opening team then administers the account opening process with each institution on your behalf before continually monitoring the on-going market rates and comparing these against your own to ensure that you are always earning a highly competitive interest rate.

In addition to pure cash management, the Cascade Cash Management team is proficient in constructing and maintaining a diverse portfolio of listed retail bonds where an on-going ability for daily liquidity may be desired whilst ensuring that any capital invested is earning a competitive return without any equity-based risk. These bonds are listed on the London Stock Exchange and offer an excellent amount of transparency whilst remaining highly cost efficient.

To learn more about how the Cascade Cash Management service can help Charities & Trusts, contact us today. 

In the meantime, why don't you meet the Tier One Capital Team or download an overview of Cascade and related Due Diligence Information.