Tier One Team Members

Fund Management

Since 2013 we have been managing funds on behalf of those looking to provide funding to the property development sector (lenders) and we have been helping property developers access the UK access funds for their development projects (borrowers).

Our team is comprised of experienced professionals, ably supported through the diligence process by a small number of expert professional firms. Our team focus deployment primarily on the North East of England, the area we know and are passionate about, and both affordability and house price inflation data evidence a resilient market in any macro-economic environment. Each project is subject to a comprehensive approval process through our credit committee. 

Our in-house fund management team is responsible for overseeing the ongoing management of all lending projects alongside the day to day requirements of managing a London Stock Exchange listed investment company.

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We are the appointed investment adviser and fund manager for Develop North PLC – www.developnorth.co.uk 

Develop North PLC is a leading provider of property development finance, helping developers across the UK, and in particular the North of England and Scotland, fulfil their development potential. Develop North PLC provides capital to professional, credible and capable property developers to allow them to undertake residential and commercial property developments in the North of England and Scotland. Since launching in 2017, we have helped them support 27 borrower clients in funding over £66 million of real estate development capital, spanning a total of 31 projects.






If you have a property or land backed investment opportunity and are looking for a personal, flexible and common-sense approach to finance, our in-house fund management team are well placed to assist. Through our management of Develop North PLC and our network of high net worth individuals, we are experienced, reliable and consistent providers of private capital to property developers in the regions.

We work closely with developers and where applicable, their existing credit brokers and finance teams, to ensure any funding is supported by a clear, robust and sensible business plan.

Fund Management Team