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Why use a Financial Adviser? by Michael Carrick

12 May 2023

Investment options grow by the day, and there are countless ways of protecting your assets and inspiring them to grow. Here we’ll answer the question ‘why use an Independent Financial Adviser?’ in ten steps


1.   For Genuine Expertise

Most of us can’t afford to act frivolously in the investment world, but we also don’t have the time to become an expert in the field. On any given day, there are potentially thousands of investment opportunities and sifting through these to find the most appropriate for any individual is a full-time job. The right financial adviser can help you ensure that your investments are worthwhile and deliver the best possible return.

2.   For Long-Term Planning

An Independent Financial Adviser will always give advice with the long-term in mind. This will involve making sure that your initial saving plan allows you enough of a spending budget to live within your means, whilst building a foundation for the future.

3.   For Retirement

Pensions are a minefield in themselves, with more options available than ever before, and state pensions are insufficient for many to live on. Few people will have the time to get to know all of their options intimately, and different circumstances call for different plans. I’m a pension expert and can help you plan for retirement, using a pension as an investment in itself.

4.   To Match Investments to Goals and Targets

In investment, just as in business, it pays to establish goals and targets. These could be anything from ensuring your children can study at university to owning a second home in the Cotswolds or retiring at 50! Independent Financial Adviser's will factor in your ultimate goals as part of their investment recommendations and provide you with the means of getting there.

5.   To Deliver Non-Biased Mortgage Advice         

Whether you’re looking to get started on the property ladder or are already on your third mortgage, advisers can help you discover if there’s a better deal out there. They’ll have access to a vast array of mortgages, find the best rates, and potentially save you thousands that could be better invested elsewhere.

6.   Personalised Portfolios

Every investor is different, and some can afford to take bigger risks than others. A good Independent Financial Adviser will take time to get to know you as a person, including your current and projected responsibilities. Such information is vital when it comes to making investment recommendations and they’ll help create a diverse portfolio that’s tailored to your own needs.

7.   Finding Loopholes

Growing wealth isn’t just about choosing the right investments. Independent Financial Advisers can help you get the most from your earnings through a tax evaluation. There may be alternatives to paying large amounts of income tax by moving assets around or choosing more lucrative savings accounts.

8.   Non-Partisan Advice

Independent Financial Advisers know markets inside and out and come with experience. They’ll be able to look past any marketing jargon or journalistic advice and make recommendations based on data-led evidence over hype. As they’re not committed to specific firms, you’ll receive sober judgements free from bias.

9.   To Stay Relevant

What works best for your money today won’t necessarily work well for all eternity. For the average person with a partner, home, and family, there isn’t time to keep a daily check on your investments, not to mention keeping up with the latest market developments. That’s where an Independent Financial Adviser steps in. They’ll happily monitor your investments and recommend any changes in the event that there are better opportunities out there.

10. For a Better Quality of Life

It’s easy to grow obsessed with your investments, checking them daily to see how they’re getting on and having your mood affected depending on whether that day’s news is good or bad. Passing the responsibility to an Independent Financial Adviser allows you to forget about your assets and concentrate on living your life.

Investments should ideally feel somewhat like a passive income, and having someone to keep an eye on your portfolio overall can have a huge impact on your health and of course, your quality of life.


The answer to the question ‘why use a financial adviser?’ should be pretty clear by now – why not save yourself the worry that comes with managing your own investments and maximise your money using genuine expertise? To discover more about creating or diversifying your own portfolio minus the stress, speak to a specialist at Tier One Capital today.

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